October 5th to October 17th, 2017

We’ll be doing a variety of things from working at children’s prison and orphanages, village and city churches, medical help, building projects, children and youth programs, and much more.

Why Uganda

Royce & Elizabeth Iverson founded Africa Matters Today. After 22 years in the marketplace, both sold their successful organizations to answer the call of leadership development in 3rd world nations. Africa Matters Today provides humanitarian relief and leadership development for the upcoming generation of leaders, government officials, magistrates, physicians, attorneys, pastors and teachers.


Our Response

Our Mission is to love and serve our brothers and sisters in Uganda. We will be ministering in the gifts of the Spirit, sharing testimonies and biblical principles that will equip them to live in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. In doing so, the lost will see Jesus in His people and they will want to know Him.

Uganda 2016 from Hailey Manning on Vimeo.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Missions Trip F.A.Q.

We believe when people engage in service, it leads to life change. Our short-term trips provide opportunities for people to serve together in various locations around the world. Our belief is that as people chose to serve, whether in one of our churches, in the local community, or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those that see them choosing to give their time to help someone else.

For those of you who have not gotten involved, we hope this will be the year you choose to begin a lifestyle of service. And to those who are serving, we just want to say thank you. You are the reason the mission is being accomplished.

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