What is My TFH?

It's a secure online tool for TFH members and regular attendees which currently allows you to:

  • View your info and make changes to keep the church office database up-to-date
  • Give online by credit card, one-time or ongoing
  • View your giving history for the current & preceding calendar years
  • Search & sign up for a small group (login not required - see tfh.org/#connect)
  • View your small group sign-ups if you're a group leader
  • Search for attendees' contact info if you're in leadership (a phone app is also available)
  • Add individual & family photos for our future online TFH Directory (directory currently available only to staff & ministry leaders)

If you have questions regarding My TFH that aren't answered below, please contact denise@tfh.org


Is "My TFH" secure?

Yes. It's a secure site supported through ACS Technologies, largest developer of church management software in the industry. ACS uses secure 128 bit encrypted transmission technology. If you log in through our website, you are equally protected.

Who can see my information?

Currently, only staff and some ministry leaders can view your information (see ...Giving History... below). In the future we hope to allow people with a current connection to TFH, who register on the site, to view your address, phone, email address, and pictures. No one else on the Internet (i.e. spammers) will be able to see it.

Can I limit what others can see?

The default is set to eventually allow others with a TFH connection, who have registered on the site, to see your address, phone number, email address, and pictures in order to help everyone at TFH stay connected, and it's already in use by staff and ministry leaders. If you prefer that others not see some of this information, you can change your preferences - under "Home", select "My Account", then "Personal Preferences" and choose your Individual and Family Privacy Preferences.

I can see my giving history. Is this private?

Yes. Only you and a few authorized TFH staff members can see your giving information; no one else can see it. For more info on online giving, scroll down to the Online Giving page.

How do I update my personal information?

In the "I Want to View" section, go to "My Complete Profile" and click the yellow pencils next to the information you want to change. To add, delete, or change info that is grayed-out (including adding/deleting family members), email denise@tfh.org. Changes subject to staff review. It can take one or two business days for your changes to be accepted and re-uploaded to the site, and could be longer depending on office & staff schedules. If you have questions about your choices or the information you see, contact denise@tfh.org.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Under "Home" select "My Account" and click the "change" link to the right of the password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and often need at least one uppercase letter, number, or symbol (sometimes two are required). When the "strength" bar has some green in it, your password is strong enough.

Can I add personal photos and what are your requirements?

We encourage you to add individual and family photos of yourself and immediate family members to help the staff and leaders know who you are, and for a possible future online member directory. Photos are reviewed by staff and must meet the following requirements:

  • jpeg format, up to 4 MB in size
  • Pre-cropped to 180x150 pixels (picmonkey.com is a free photo editor)
  • They're for a church directory, so while we encourage you to submit informal photos, please keep the purpose in mind
  • Taken close enough to easily recognize faces (no silly faces please)
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • Family picture - only the family members listed in "My TFH"
  • Individual pictures - only that one individual

To add photos: under "Home" click "My Profile".

  • Individual: Click "Edit", then "Personal Photo".
  • Family: Click "Edit", then "Family Info", then "Family Photo".

Why can't I see all my giving in my giving history?

Weekend and online giving is processed by staff and uploaded to the site a couple times during the week, so there is usually a delay. There are also technical reasons you may not see all of your giving. If you don't see your contribution after a week, contact lorna@tfh.org.

What if I need more help?

Once you're logged in, click "More Info" at the top of any screen (we haven't enabled every feature shown in "More Info".) If you need help with logins or updating your info, contact denise@tfh.org. If you need help with online giving or your giving history, contact lorna@tfh.org.

Login Info

How do I get a login?

Your name and email address must exactly match the way they're entered in our database or it won't find you, so be sure the office has your current info. If you don't attend TFH, you can get a login for online giving, but you'll need to give us some info first. Even if you're in our database, we pay for the records we upload so you may need to let us know you want a login before your info is uploaded.

If you have questions, want to give us your info, or want to be sure we have your current info, contact denise@tfh.org.

    My TFH Login Screen
  1. Go to www.tfh.org/#connect and click "Login to My TFH". The login screen will display.
  2. Under the Sign In boxes, click "Need a login? Click here".
  3. Enter your email address, first name and last name (suffix, if you've given us one). Click Find Me.
  4. You'll receive an email containing your username and temporary password that expires 24 hours from the time you requested it. (See "Password Expired" below.)
  5. Copy the password, including any symbols at beginning or end, and return to the login screen on "My TFH".
  6. Enter your email address or username, and paste in the temporary password.
  7. When you log in, you'll be required to change the password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and often need at least one uppercase letter, number, or symbol (sometimes two are required). When the "strength" bar has some green in it, your password is strong enough.

Password expired?

Temporary passwords expire within 24 hours of requesting one. If it expires, return to the login page and click "Forgot your password..." to have another emailed to you. You'll need to know your Username, which usually follows this pattern: FirstnameLastname (e.g. if your name is Mary Smith, it would be MarySmith). If that doesn't work, click on "Forgot your...user name?" to have it emailed to you before you request another password.

Online Giving

Use your member login to log into "My TFH".

Go to the "My Giving Summary" section. (You may see more sections than what's shown here.)

Only a Visa or MasterCard may be used for online giving at this time.

Online giving currently limited to the following funds:

  • Tithe & Offerings (Vacaville or Napa)
  • Imagine Building
  • Beit Abba
  • Church Online
  • La Casa del Padre
  • Missions General (and missions trips currently accepting offerings)
  • The Storehouse (Vacaville or Napa)

Choose "one time" or "recurring" gifts. Select "one time" to give different amounts each time; select "recurring" to set up automatic gifts in a recurring pattern.

Click "More Info" if you need additional help. Content changes depending on what's displayed on your screen at the time.

To give a one-time gift, or set up a new recurring gift:

  1. Click "Give Now".
  2. Enter total amount and how often you want to give. After you've set up at least one recurring gift, you'll be able to edit those gifts under "Manage Scheduled Giving".
  3. Select the amounts you want to give to each fund. To change the total gift amount, click "Back". You may exit out if you don't see the funds you want to give to.
  4. Select a payment method.
  5. Review and process your gift. (If you set up a future recurring gift, click "Schedule Gift" to continue.)
  6. View and print your receipt. (Or view and print what you set up for a recurring gift.)

Manage Payment Methods: To delete a credit card that is about to expire, add a new credit card, edit an incorrect payment method, or update your payment description, go to the "Managed Scheduled Giving" tab, then click "Manage Payment Methods" on the right.

Manage Scheduled Giving tab: This tab displays the date and amount of your next scheduled contribution. From this tab, you can reassign payment methods, and edit or deactivate scheduled gifts. The amount and date of the next scheduled gift displays at the top of the page.

Review My Giving History link: Click on this link to review your giving history for the current or previous calendar year. Select the 10 Most Recent Contributions, Show All (for the selected year), or specify a date range (for the current or previous calendar year). Keep in mind that it can take up to a week for giving to be posted to your online giving history, even if you gave online. THIS IS NOT YOUR OFFICIAL TAX STATEMENT. Official statements are mailed by the end of January; if you need another one during the year, contact lorna@tfh.org

If you have any questions about online giving or your giving history, contact lorna@tfh.org.

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