Discover Your Purpose

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Grow Track

Discover your purpose with four easy steps!

Join us weekly for 60-minute sessions where we will equip you with: our mission, vision, and membership; essential spiritual habits to help you develop your faith; personality profiles and spiritual gifts assessments; and an on-ramp to join the Dream Team! Sundays 11am at all locations (EB 1st Sunday 4:30pm). For more information, check out: Grow Track or contact

Leadership Pipeline

Equipping people to lead in church and society.

Want to be part of TFH Leadership culture? How about going to your next level of leadership? Subscribe to weekly content for quick leadership “chats” with some of our pastors. 1st Thursdays 7pm in Vv Main Auditorium for a brief monthly teaching. For more information, check out: TFH Leader or contact

Connect Area

Helping people find their next step.

For all guests and those who have not yet connected, our team builds a bridge between weekend services and classes, TFH Groups, serving, and student ministries. Visit our team on-site at all campuses before or after weekend services. For more information or details, contact

TFH Missions

Take action locally and globally.

Lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by serving our international community. Info meetings happening monthly at our campuses. For more information, check out: TFH Missions or contact

TFH Women

Equipping, encouraging, and empowering every woman.

Whether you are a college student, a stay-at-home mom, leading in the marketplace, the ministry, or your community, we want to start the conversation and help guide as you lead in your sphere of influence. Propel monthly meetings 2nd Thursdays in Vv Main Auditorium and 3rd Thursdays in Napa Main Auditorium. For more information, check out: TFH Women or contact

Marketplace Ministry

Business-specific and biblically-based ministry.

It encourages business people to see their business/job as their ministry and vital to God’s will being accomplished in our community, it teaches Biblical principles of generosity and prosperity with a purpose, and it instills faith and vision for greater levels of success and influence. Monthly and weekly events for everyone in the marketplace. For more information, check out: TFH Marketplace or contact or

Military Ministry

Business-specific and biblically-based ministry.

The Fathers House recognizes the special calling on members of our Armed Services and their families. Our vision is for The Fathers House to be the “Home Church” for its military members and families. We realize many military members and families move every two to four years and we want to help them connect quickly, grow spiritually, and serve joyfully so they are prepared for the unique challenges of military life locally and globally. For more information, check out: TFH Military or contact