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TFH Groups

Authentic life-change happens in the context of relationships.

God never intended for us to go through life alone. Throughout the Bible, we see the importance of being in community. For more information, check out: TFH Groups or contact

Life Change Event

Freedom from our past and momentum for our future.

Many of us have accepted Christ but still find ourselves bound to areas of sin from our past. The purpose of this 2-day event is to address the areas of sin that may be keeping us from freedom so that we can discover and live out the life that is available to us in Christ. For more information, check out Life Change or contact

Celebrate Recovery

A nationally and internationally-recognized recovery program.

CR is for anyone dealing with any hurt, habit, hang-up, or addiction of any kind. We also address past abuse. For more information, check out: Celebrate Recovery or contact

Mercy Ministry

Visiting and praying with the sick.

Since 2004, the Mercy Ministry has existed to visit and pray for people with a variety of needs, including those battling illness, disease or recovering from an accident. These visits happen in hospitals, nursing homes and even private homes. We also have the opportunity to be with many as they go to their heavenly healing. Along the way, we build relationships with families, which opens doors to help with funerals or just be a support through these emotional times. If you would like assistance and are part of a group, then we recommend you reach out to your group leader first so they can help, visit and pray with you. For those without a group leader, or have a heart to join us in this ministry, please Contact Us .

Live Free

Overcome the problems that keep you living outside of your God-given freedom.

Live Free Healing Ministry first begins with your true identity to teach, equip and empower you to overcome the problems that keep you living outside of your God-given freedom. Gayle and her team help you target self-love and compassion to master the basics of meditating on Jesus. As you discover new truths about yourself that may have been buried, you will unlock hidden gifts and newfound liberty that can be found this side of heaven. For more information, check out: Live Free Ministry or contact

Hope and Recovery for Sexual Abuse

A support group for those who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Using a curriculum based on biblical principles we explore the lasting effects of sexual abuse and how to overcome the issues that interfere with our emotions, relationships, and our well being. We create a safe place to learn to trust again, find peace, and a greater freedom. For more information, contact or

Born Identity

A safe place for people who are struggling with their “sexual identity (SSA) or for family members.

Discover Christ, His purpose and plan for our lives, and how healing can begin through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with believers. For more information, contact


Ministry and support groups for those in the grieving process.

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. For more information, contact

Avenue for Men

Healing for men from sexual brokenness.

AVENUE paves the way to restoration in people's lives through inspired recovery materials offering biblically sound guidance to find lasting healing.

Operation Destiny is a men's small, confidential, group meeting on Monday or Wednesday evenings in Vacaville. For more info, visit or contact John W. at (707) 685-1498 or

Avenue for Women

Restoration group for women who have had a partner with sexual integrity issues.

When you’re faced with betrayal in your most intimate relationship, you need a guide to help you navigate the raging storms of hurt, anger, and loss. Our group equips you with practical tools and godly insight to make wise decisions. You will find hope to move beyond your pain.

Meets Thursday evenings in Vacaville. For more info, please email Tammy at

Post-Abortion Care

Hope and healing for the emotional scars of abortion.

Using both a 9-12 week study and individual counseling, you will address the emotional pain and common challenges associated with abortion. Topics include: relief and denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, and letting go. For more information, contact: or

Women’s Cancer Support

Confidential, emotional, and practical support for those with cancer and in recovery.

This ministry is dedicated to sharing with other women personal experiences and God’s faithfulness through the journey. For more information, contact

Financial Peace University

Learn about budgeting, saving, investing, and experience true financial peace.

These great financial classes will help you achieve your financial goals, learn what God’s Word says about money, change your family tree, and leave a legacy for generations to come. Dave Ramsey and the teaching team of Ramsey Solutions teach these classes through video-based lessons. For more information, visit: Financial Peace or Dave Ramsey or contact