Roseville - Legacy Mexico

October 9th to October 14th, 2023


In 1999 the El Nino community in Tijuana began as a result of heavy storms and flooding, the Mexican government bussed people that lost their homes into that area and gave them a small piece of property and a dwelling to start the community. Since then, thousands of Refugees find open land and build with recycled garage doors, wood, or cardboard to make shacks. Since 2000, Kingdom Builders Ministry has built 43 churches & over 700 homes surrounding Tijuana. Most of these families aren’t able to afford to send their kids to school past the 6th grade. Kingdom Builders Ministry has also started a sponsorship program that provides for over 1000 kids in their community to get them through schooling. 



By partnering with Kingdom Builders Ministry, we get to assist them on short-term trips by building homes and life-giving churches as well as ministering to the children in their community offering both spiritual & physical aid to those in need. 



Applications are due with a non-refundable $200 deposit by Sunday, July 2nd.

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Sunday, June 11

RV Campus - Room 4 at 11am

Sunday, June 11

VV Campus - Family Room 2 at 1pm
EB Campus - Discover Room at 1pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Missions Trip FAQ

We believe when people engage in service, it leads to life change. Our short-term trips provide opportunities for people to serve together in various locations around the world. Our belief is that as people chose to serve, whether in one of our churches, in the local community, or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those that see them choosing to give their time to help someone else.

For those of you who have not gotten involved, we hope this will be the year you choose to begin a lifestyle of service. And to those who are serving, we just want to say thank you. You are the reason the mission is being accomplished.

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