of Prayer & Fasting

JANUARY 3 - 23

As a church we are setting aside January as a month to seek God through prayer and fasting. By setting aside January we are "sanctifying" the beginning of this year and setting aside "the first." By pushing back the plate, giving our minds, bodies, and spirits to an all-out pursuit of the Lord and His purpose, we are giving "our best."

We are believing for big things in 2023! Don't miss this opportunity to start off the year giving God your best. Learn more about fasting and how you can participate in this 21-day pursuit below.

Video message from Pastor Dave

Ways to Get Involved

21-day All-Church Fast

As a church, we set aside the first of the year as a season of prayer and fasting. If you are new to fasting, or want to learn more, check out Pastor Dave's Guide to Prayer & Fasting using the link below.

Guide to Prayer & Fasting

21-day Devotional

There is power when our church is all praying the same thing at the same time. The Pursuit 21-day Prayer & Fasting Devotional will guide you to a deeper pursuit of God through these 21 days. Get your copy and join us as we pursuit God together.

Pursuit Devotional

Worship Lunches

January 3 - 20

During the 21-day All-Church Fast, we will hold worship lunches at each campus (check below for local times). This is an hour from noon-1PM where we take a moment to pause our day and worship.

Worship Lunch Times
  • Vacaville: Tue - Fri
  • Napa: Wed
  • East Bay: Thur
  • Roseville: Wed & Fri

Pursuit Nights

Don't miss Pursuit Nights at your local campus. Each Thursday we gather together to worship and pray as week seek God together.

Pursuit Night Service Times
  • Vacaville: 6PM
  • Napa: 6PM
  • East Bay: 7PM
  • Roseville: 6:30PM

Additional Pursuit Resources


TFH Worship

A Guide To Prayer & Fasting

Dave Patterson


Dave Patterson

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Elmer L. Towns

The Transforming Power of Fasting and Prayer

Bill Bright

Fasting: Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship With God

Jentezen Franklin

Physical Benefits to Fasting

Fasting and Mitochondrial Health

An Intro to Fasting: Dr Hyman

The Effect of Fasting on Human Metabolism and Psychological Health

Prayer and Fasting Year-Round

Did you know we are building an army of intercessors who have committed to pray and fast throughout the year? We believe this is a key to spiritual breakthrough in our church and in Northern California.

Learn More