PURSUIT is a collection of 21 time-tested principles of prayer and fasting that will fuel your desire to seek God and ignite a new passion for prayer in your heart.

Each chapter was born out of revelation and over two decades of ministry, all while building a thriving, praying church. This book is designed as a 21-day journey but can be adjusted to fit any duration of pursuit.

There are daily prayer directives and scripture memorization that will give you clear direction while deepening your understanding of the power of prayer and fasting.

Pursuit Groups | A 6 Week Study We want to invite you to join us for the PURSUIT group study. In this 6 week video series for the whole family we will learn to pursue God together. From amazing locations Pastor Dave will use the lessons of creation and nature to communicate principles that will enable you gain new spiritual elevation, Run after God with consistency and passion, and help others grow in their relationship with the Lord. If ever there was a time to seek God with all our hearts, the time is now! Learn More

Pursuit is a collection of wisdom and experience from Pastor Dave Patterson’s journey of fasting and prayer. Through this book, Dave shows us the true value and impact fasting and praying can have in our lives, in our relationship with Jesus, and in living in the grace that He’s called us to. This book will increase your understanding of fasting and prayer, and it will encourage and inspire you to pursue Jesus like never before.

Chad Veach

Lead Pastor, ZOE Church Los Angeles, CA

Throughout Scripture, we are exhorted to make God and His ways our primary pursuit. When we do this, we are promised everything we need will be provided for. My good friend, Dave Patterson, lives a lifestyle of pursuing God and has encouraged me in my own walk with the Lord. In his 21-Day devotional, PURSUIT, you’ll find yourself prioritizing God’s presence as your primary pursuit and you’ll soon discover you’re the one being pursued all along—for God is attracted to those who seek Him!

John Bevere

Best-selling Author and Minister, Co-founder of Messenger International

When it comes to understanding prayer - the kind that comes from a place that’s deep and full of passion - I don’t know that there’s anyone with more to give than Dave Patterson. His life inspires me because it is a pursuit to know God and to live close to Him through prayer. I’m excited to see what God will do through this simple, straightforward and significant book.

Dino Rizzo

Co-founder and Executive Director of ARC (Association of Related Churches) and Associate Pastor, Church of the Highlands

In over 15 years of ministry and serving the Church, I’ve never seen anyone so committed to ushering in the presence of God like Pastor Dave. His wisdom, experience, and insight have not only transformed our church, but in my life personally. We are using PURSUIT as a guide to take our church through every year.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Best-selling author and Lead Pastor, The Father’s House Orange County

I have seen in 50 years of ministry that prayer and fasting is the cornerstone of it all. I’m not smart enough to do what I do…I need serious help! Dave Patterson has modeled leaning on the Lord and birthed a dynamic and exploding ministry in Northern California on the same bedrock: “prayer and fasting.” Buckle in with us. Walk forward 21 paces. Every pace will become a mile. Your entire year will change. I’ve proven it, Pastor Dave has proven it, and now it is time for...YOU to prove it!

Larry Stockstill

Founding Pastor and leader of SURGE

I have known Pastor Dave Patterson for over a decade. His ability to preach the gospel in such a unique way allows people of all walks to understand the power of God! This devotional is exactly that! No matter where you are at in your relationship with God this devotional will easily take you to a new level!

Matthew Barnett

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Co-Founder of The Dream Center

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Excellent book from my amazing pastor!! I have been going to The Fathers House since 2001 and have seen this man walk the walk and it’s amazing to be able to read his insight. I can testify that the Holy Spirit shows up in a mighty way at The Fathers House and also through this 21 day fast and excellent devotional. Hoping for more books Pastor Dave! Adrienne

Part way through this book already and it is changing my life. Such a great guide to a deeper walk with God. I would highly recommend this devotional to anyone looking to do a fast, whether you are new to fasting or well seasoned! Timothy

Pastor Dave has written the most influential devotional "how-to" guide to pursuing God through a time of fasting and prayer. This results in a deeper walk and relationship with the Lord. One of my main takeaways from this is that it inspired me to make seeking the Lord a daily habit, setting aside time each day to sit in God's presence and read His Word. Highly recommend that everyone who calls themself a Christ-Follower get this book which is filled with scriptural references and wisdom. Karen

This is a wonderful book to accompany prayer and fasting. It is loaded with scripture and context that will bring clarity to the importance of prayer and fasting. I recommend this book to anyone seeking the Lord and wanting a Christ filled life. Kirk

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